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What is the use for Friends when the majority use of Spotify (smartphones) can't see them?

What is the use for Friends when the majority use of Spotify (smartphones) can't see them?

Your idea to “Not Right Now” on the many who have suggested that you allow smartphone users to be able to see what their friends are listening to Spotify over their smartphones (iPhone, Android) is absolutely horrible.   Pandora, your competition, has this feature, so why not Spotify?

In an age where the majority of Internet users are using their smartphones over their PCs by a VAST margin/majority, I cannot believe the short-sightedness of your company to feel as if you are satisfying the masses by your decision to not implement what ought to be a simple coding change.  It shows your indifference to your community base, and cannot possibly help in retention/loyalty.

For example, the one user (see below), was I am sure one of the many, who asked for this feature to be available on smartphones as well.  They asked all the way back on May 5, 2017 and it took Spotify until May 23, 2019, or over TWO YEARS! To even respond to just say “NO”.  Is this your way of telling the rest of us that you are “in touch” with your paid/subscribed customers? 

I wanted my friends to get off of Pandora and Apple Music to join Spotify, but based on this seemingly and underhandedly insensitive reaction to your base, it may just be me, who leaves here (and surprised not more have done the same already).

Option to see 'Friend Activity' on mobile app

Submitted by epom on ‎2017-05-05 04:23 PM

I would like the option to see friend activity (what the people I follow are listening to) on my iPhone/mobile app. I use it on my computer to find new music and I just enjoy seeing what everyone is vibing on. Maybe it could be implemented as a button on the 'browse' tab or under the people I'm following?





And here was Spotify’s response:







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