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What's up with this new Home screen?

What's up with this new Home screen?

Whats up with the new home screen being random playlist? Its really bad, can I change it back?

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I can't use this. Everything I used on the home screen is gone, and is not to be found hidden elsewhere.

If it's not reverted, I have no choice but to move to another service as there's utterly nothing here for me.

It needs to happen fast, as I am currently recieving zero content for my money. I'll move away tomorrow if I still cannot use it.

Spotify made the reasoning for this UI change very evident in their press release:

"The company announced the makeover on Wednesday at its Stream On event, along with new tools for podcasters and ways for musicians to further interact with their fans." ... "The most important thing we, at Spotify, can do for creators is to reduce the distance between their art and the people who love it -- or who would love it as soon as they discovered it,"


What this translates to:

"Hey labels and podcasters, if you sign with us, we'll push your content to our giant mindless blob of users! You'll get rich, we'll get rich. Our users won't like getting spoon-fed hordes of irrelevant content, but they'll get over it. They always do."


This change was to improve content creator's access to users, regardless of how it changes our experience. We're the product and the afterthought. 


I was going to give Spotify 7 days to revert the change before I cancelled, but I'm decided. Moving to Apple. Too bad, too. Been a paying customer for 6+ years.

  • the home page update is terrible 

Very well said 

Hey Everyone!! 🙂


Spotify Knowns that you all don't like the UI change,


if you look up Why does Spotify look like tiktok, it will tell you why it changed, and Spotify likes to add new stuff to the web player that will be more helpful to find and try new things to entertain new people with new songs and short clips of the song to listen too and to see if they will consider adding it to their playlist and


you can see the idea here


Thank you. 


This is the only valid solution in this entire thread. I cannot (but can) believe that they are prioritising the needs of Industry over individual app users but here we are. 

Spotify, you have scr3wed the pooch & jumped the shark. I hope it was worth it. After ten years as a premium user, I will be transferring my music and playlists to a different platform. You really had something special, such a shame you let capitalist greed run your business model into the ground.

The new homepage is so unusable it's offensive. From a UI perspecitve, there are dozens of other ways you could have solved your apparent discovery/industry money problem without nuking the primary way people navigate. This is some "highest paid person in the room" decision-making--I know you all employ product managers that knew better. 


Long-time subscriber and I will absolutely leave over this. I use this app all day every day--more than literally any other app on my phone--but these changes are intolerable and you are not the only option. 

First time poster.  I absolutely hate this disaster of an interface.  I can't believe that I can't remove it.  I have avoided spotify today because of it.

I'd love to hear the meeting with the record companies that spotify gave all that venture capital to.  "Great news, we have made it harder for people to find your music and resent using the app".  Smiles all round.

I understand that spotify is trying to pivot out of a corner into visual content, but that is not why I use it and if this keeps getting pushed down my throat I will take my family plan somewhere else.




I have no idea who decided it was a good idea to blast random music at full volume at me and everyone nearby as soon as the app is opened - but they were incredibly wrong. I can't stress enough how much I *don't* want that to happen. Every UI design update is going to have some backlash, but this might be the worst one I've come across in a long time. Definitely something that is making me seriously re-evaluate my longstanding subscription - without a change, will definitely be voting with my wallet.

Hey @sgb_


Hey there, Welcome to the Community!! 😉 glad you're here!!


I understand your frustration with Spotify's attempt to pivot into visual content. However, if that's not why you use the service, you don't need to worry. Spotify is still dedicated to providing its users with the music streaming experience they know and love. You can continue to use the service as you always have and ignore the visual content. If the visual content becomes too intrusive for your liking, you can contact Spotify customer support


It's unusable and I have canceled my subscription. The barrier to moving to another service was pretty high because all my stuff is in spotify, but this is unusable, so I've finally had to do it because this is awful.

Asking users to "ignore" the video content is extremely ignorant. READ what we're all typing. Read it and understand the product.


It's not just that video is playing - it's that all of the recommended mixes and playlists are gone, and that content is playing without us wanting it to. The excellent selection of content is GONE - not moved, and the app has changed away from what we purchased.


This is bait and switch.

There are 50 pages of replies stating that users hate the change, i couldn't see one positive response, did they even user test it??

NO, you can't just ignore the videos, even if you could 1 piece of content takes up a whole screen and endless scrolling is required to find something other than Harry Styles or Taylor Swift.... (how they are recommended to me based on my punk/alt listening history is beyond me).

This is my first experience of the new UI.......... F me it is appalling, absolutely appalling, truly terrible.


I've been a premium user for years now, sadly i think it's come to an end. Anyone know how to export 1500 liked songs at another provider??

"ignore the content"

Have you seen the content?, it takes up the whole screen and requires endless scrolling.

What terrible advice.


Listen to the users, we hate it and have been telling spotify this for some time. Revert back or at least offer a 'classic' layout. You will see many users leave because of the UI........ it is that bad, there's 50pages of users telling this.

We don't want visual content, we want music.

It’s god awful.  Pointless and embarrassing.

@mikecool some providers offer free moving services through partners. I did it months ago

Hey @mikecool


can you provide a screenshot of the IOS settings so i can edit it to where there's an option to change it between the new UI and the classic UI and it might give you of an idea of what it would look like if there was an option. (note: has to be a screenshot where there's a drop down option like my recent post here.)




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I just opened the app to find this atrocious new layout. My home screen is now completely useless. I do not want any of these gigantic video posters. I want to quickly get to albums amd daily mixes. Please add a way to revert to the previous layout.

Spotify you tried doing this last year to the home screen. Everyone hated it!

Posting for a third time. I'M FURIOUS with this change. My 7 year subscription will be ending soon because I'm quickly running out of patience listening to the same 3 things on repeat.

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