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Why the sharing option for spotify users doesn't work?

Why the sharing option for spotify users doesn't work?

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me with this:


Everytime a try to share a song vía inbox/as a message to any friend who's on spotify, the app shuts down on my iPad mini. It's quite annoying because I really want to share the song but I have to try at least 2 or 3 times (when 1 should be enough).


I looked up if someone had already asked the question but I couldn't find anything.


I apologize in advance if someone already posted the answer. 


Thanks a lot! 




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Hello and welcome to the community! 🙂

well im also experiencing sometimes this problem and i think this will get fixed soon ;). so this issue isn't only at your device. Please be patient 😉


Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

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Im not a Spotify Employee.

Hi, I don't have this problem, but if you want to send your friend that song, you can copy song's link and send it.

Thanks a lot @Amarro! I will 🙂 


Hey @OviiiOne, I'm aware about the link option but the experience is not the same. 


It's nicer to recieve a picture of the album and the name of the song than a link with just letters (even though we're kinda used to it). 


Thanks anyway! 

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