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Windows app changes iPhone system volume without being connected

Windows app changes iPhone system volume without being connected

I have been having an issue recently, every time I change the Spotify in-app volume on my windows machine, it changes the system-wide volume on my iPhone. While this seems to be a handy feature, it's not helpful when I keep my phone muted almost exclusively. I am listening through the windows machine and I do not have Spotify Connect active between the two devices ever.


Sometimes I am able to break the connection by manually closing Spotify on my iPhone, but it reconnects each time I open the Spotify app. 


Could anyone point me in the direction of a setting I can change in order to keep this from happening, or at least a way to make it control volume only when Spotify Connect is active? Has anyone else experienced this issue? 


Many thanks.

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Hey @pitimobi,


Thanks for writing about this here in the Community.


If this doesn't happen when you manually close Spotify on your phone, it looks like you might want do a clear reinstall of the app on it. Any temporary errors should be fixed after. Just follow the device-specific steps here 🙂


Let us know how it goes! We'll look out for your reply.

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