Wont play sons back to back Premium/Iphone4

Wont play sons back to back Premium/Iphone4


I may be beating a dead horse here. It seems as though many people have had this issue. I have read that the issue had been resolved for PAYING customers. For me, this is not the case.

Ok, so as the title states -- I have a Spotify Premium account and I am running the app on my Iphone4. Both the app and the phone are up to date. My problem is that Spotify WILL NOT play two songs back to back. It will play one song and then stop until I click next. This happens in my play lists as well. I have tried deleting the app and re-installing it. That did not work. ANY advice, at all, would be much appreciated. I am very close to ditching my subscription.


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Dunkenplums - Welcome to the Community! Could you give switching to a different streaming quality a try for us.

Spotify app » Settings » Stream

If it is set to "High quality", try out "Low bandwidth" (or the other way around).

Once you have played a few tracks, you can then change the setting back again.


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Thanks for the advice. It does seem to work when the stream setting is set to 'high'. However, it wont work when set to 'Normal or 'extreme'. I prefer to use Normal while streaming over 3g to keep my data usage down. I'll play a few more tracks over High quality to see if the problem will correct itself. Thanks!

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