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disable spotify on lock screen iPhone

disable spotify on lock screen iPhone

Is there some way to disable spotify from my lock screen on the iPhone? Upgraded to Premium and it controls my lock screen now. I think it should be me who's controlling it and not a 3rd party. Any ideas? 

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Hi, and welcome to the community!

What do you mean it's controlling your lock screen, could you post a screenshot? The only thing to do with Spotify on the lock screen should be that the music controls recognise that a Spotify song is playing.
Also, in iOS 7, the album/track picture will be on the lock screen when the song is playing. This is not something Spotify does, this is hardwired into iOS 7, so you'd have to complain to Apple about that one!

If it's not this, probably worth trying a quick reinstall of the app.

Anthony 🙂
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Haha, yeah i remember i was wondering the same thing a while back! Like the above person said, it is part of iOS 7, there is no way to disable it. If you use the native music app it will do the same thing, it is just the way iOS 7 handles music being played, and it displays the artwork and music controls on the lock screen. 


I hope this clears it up the confusion a little 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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If you click the home button once or twice it should not show it anymore. Hopefully that helped. 

I had the same problem,

solution: start apples Music app, that is all - because it does not show on the lock screen!

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