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iOS 13 Spotify crashes frequently

iOS 13 Spotify crashes frequently


I am an iOS 13 user on iPad, and I've noticed that whenever I close the app, my music crashes. I've tried refreshing the app, restarting my iPad, redownloading it, and everything I can think of, but it still won't go away. If I want to listen to my music, I have to stare at the app while I do so. It's essentially YouTube. Just green. If I try to close the app in any way, the music stops after about half a second. PLEASE FIX! I want to listen to music without having to stay in the app!




iPad - 6th gen

Operating System

iOS 13

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iOS 13 music crashes frequently

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I am sorry you are experiencing these issues. Perhaps you could provide your spotify version and we will check?



Hey @Musicalover, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Could you try updating to iOS 13.1.3?


Also, try using the Sign Out Everywhere and Remove Offline Devices from your Spotify account to see if that helps.


Keep me posted 🙂

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