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[iOS][Developer] App Crashing

[iOS][Developer] App Crashing


App will start up fine and run for awhile then it randomly crashes on my iPhone. Tried logging out and back in several times and made sure my phone and app was up to date. Also tried deleting and re installing the app and it still randomly crashes. It’s been a ongoing issue for the past few weeks. I’m a long term subscriber so all my music is on there. I’d like it fixed otherwise I’ll cancel my subscription and go to Apple Music. 

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I have been having the exact same issues!! I have an iPhone XR and every time I try to listen to Spotify, the app crashes. It doesn’t matter if it’s on or off wifi, in or out of my car, nothing seems to be working. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, logged in and out multiple times, and out of all devices, cleared cache, tried playing with the iPhone settings and did a clean install. Nothing is working and it’s making me sad. 

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