[iOS][Other] Unhide songs accidentally hidden in Daily Mix

[iOS][Other] Unhide songs accidentally hidden in Daily Mix


Spotify needs to implement the ability to unhide songs accidentally hidden in daily mix. While songs hidden from other playlists can be unhidden, for no particular reason, the same does not apply to daily mix songs. 

I recently misclicked while trying to add a song from daily mix to a playlist and instead hid the song. When I followed the regular steps to unhide the song, nothing happened. I reached out to support and they were unable to help except to offer to create an entirely new account and copy my playlists over for one song. 

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Agreed. I accidently click "hide song" all the time meaning to click "add to playlist" out of habit. And when its a daily mix or radio or discover weekly or queued track... you have no way of finding it and unhiding. 

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