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iOS app and Discord rich presence problem

iOS app and Discord rich presence problem




iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 16.7.4


My Question or Issue

Hello there. I dealt with one problem in the iOS version of the Spotify app. When I play something in here (on iPhone), Discord doesn’t show a rich presence of “Listening on Spotify” despite I have “my activity” option switched on and “anonymous mode” switched off. But when I listen on another device (for example, my Linux laptop), the presence shows correctly.

I tried to log out and log in again in the Spotify app and this problem was gone. And only until I switched a song, because the presence was gone again. Maybe that’s a bug or something?  Or there’s possible to solve this problem by somehow? 

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All the music shows up in the discord activity but my own playlist. I dont know why does this happen, but it started 2 days ago. If I'll try to play a song from my playlist after any song - discord will just ignore the fact that spotify is playing a song from my playlist and continue thinking that the previous song is still playing. Yes, I've tried reinstalling spotify, changing the devices. Nothing works.

Same issue on my side.




PC, iPhone SE 3

Operating System

Windows 11 Pro 23H2, iOS 17.2.1

My Question or Issue


Tracks from my or any playlist are not displayed in the Discord profile status. Also, tracks from the non-stop playlist are not shown.


BUT, tracks from albums and individual tracks are displayed normally in the discord profile status. Also recommended tracks are displayed normally.


I tried:

  • reinstalling Spotify and Discord on Windows and iOS.
  • reinstalling Windows.
  • changing the privacy settings in Spotify. I also checked it on Discord.
  • many times to enable and disable the Spotify integration into Discord, both on Windows and iOS.

Currently I can count my problem as solved bc I see the rich presence working adequately on iPhone.

Edit: presence now was gone again but it was worked for some minutes and wasn’t gone when I switched songs.

Edit 2: I checked more and knew that I had the same symptoms Killberley had: presence works on albums but not on playlists.

Hey there folks,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community!

So that we can look into this a bit further, could you please provide us the following details:

  • When did this start happening? Did you notice if it happened around the same time as an update to the app or your device's OS?
  • Any troubleshooting that you've tried so far.
  • Your current Spotify version.
  • A video or photo showing how things look from your end.

We'll keep an eye out for your replies.

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Hello there! I finally caught that issue on the video but the Community can’t handle with big size so I drop a link to that in the Google Drive (

  • There’s some details you asked:
    I cant say concretely but it was a week or two weeks ago…
  • The iOS Spotify version is
  • My troubleshootings were: relinking my Spotify account to my Discord, relogging in to the Spotify app and reinstalling the entire Spotify app. These were useless.

Also, I can mention that my Linux laptop (used Zorin OS 17, Spotify client was installed from the official repo via APT, ver. met the same issue: rich presence works on albums but not playlists. And despite of “My activity” enabled and “Private Session” disabled.

Hey @NaruuuWhite,


Thanks for your reply and for the detailed info shared. 


We really appreciate the video you kindly sent us. In this case, would you mind linking a different account to your discord account to see if you can replicate this behavior? You can create a free test account to open it on the affected device and check.


On another note, would you mind opening both your Spotify and Discord accounts on different mobile device to see if this behavior persists? It'd be awesome if you could check. You can ask for the mobile device of a relative or a friend to open your account and check.


Meanwhile, we'd suggest you double-check both your mobile device and the discord app are up-to-date. Just to confirm, do you use a VPN? If yes, try switching it off. Keep in mind Spotify doesn't officially support VPN. This means that issues with the app while using VPN are expected behavior.


Lastly, just a friendly reminder: we don't have a Spotify app for Linux and we don't officially support devices running on Linux OS.


Keep us in the loop!

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Hello there! I made everything you had advised. Here’s my results:

  • I logged in to my another Spotify account in my iPhone, rich presence worked well only for a session after logging in, but if you close the Spotify app, problem returns.
  • I logged in to my main Spotify account in my Android tab (ver. 10 Q; Spotify ver. 8.8.80) and the Windows PC (Windows 11 23H2; Spotify ver. 1.2.29…) - no positive results.
  • To your info, I had listened without any VPNs enabled. Discord client on my iPhone is up-to-date (automatic updates on)

Hey @NaruuuWhite,


Thanks for sharing this info.


Apologies for the confusion, in this case it's best to reach out to Discord's support team about this issue since it's not something we can help with.


Thanks for understanding.

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Problems occur when you use the wrong application.  I am also a Discord user and use the iOS app without any detaching issues. For the discord iOS application, visit the official source:

@Jindo_US Because I used iOS 16.x.x, I can’t install any apps from anywhere but App Store. => The Discord client I have is installed from Apple’s App Store and has never version that the version of the app from a link you provided.

Some Apps are not available on App Store, so, using scarlet ios app which is the best alternative and i got latest version of discord from where.

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