iPhone App Downloads Songs, Fills Up Storage

iPhone App Downloads Songs, Fills Up Storage

Hopefully the title is clear.  My issue is occurring on the iPhone app, where music is downloading to my storage so I can listen offline.  It looks like I cannot disable this or undo the downloads. 


As a result, my phone's storage is 100% full, and I cannot take photos because the songs won't delete from my storage automatically when storage is needed, as Spotify claims.


If any of you could help, you'd end a year-long hassle...also, if any of you know of a way to actually contact Spotify, that'd be helpful too!



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The only way which helped for others was to reinstall Spotify. Then the cache got deleted.

Spotify doesn't delete cache immediatly when disabling the 'Offline' option for an playlist, this because someone also can delete his/her playlist by accident.


You may get in touch with Spotify via their Twitter page (@SpotifyCares), or by following this link to send an e-mail.
If you send an e-mail, please check your inbox (and spam box) to check for their automatic reply. Once you get it, please reply to it immediatly (even if it's from an no-reply e-mail addres) to make sure an Spotify employee will get back to you as soon as possible.

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