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iPhone: Spotify app playlist doesn't load all songs

iPhone: Spotify app playlist doesn't load all songs

Hi Guys,


I created a playlist on my computer with at least 50+ songs on it.

However, on my iPhone, despite recognising the playlist correctly, it won't recognise all songs!? It only shows 19 songs and then that's it.


Does anyone have an idea what's happening and how this can be resolved?


Muchos gracias to your helpful insight in advance,


3 Replies

Hi there and welcome to the Spotify Community!

Are there local files in your playlist? That sometimes is a struggle.

Besides that, sometimes it will recognise more songs, but they can't display it all at once, give it some loading time.

While creating the playlist on your computer, are you sure you were not working in offline mode or the internet connection has struggles, which made the synchronisation failing?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Kind regards,

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Hi there, and thanks for the welcome, but I've been a member on here since 27-04-2012. 🙂


I haven't got any local files on this particular playlist, no. It's still only showing 19 tracks... it's definitly way more than 19 in that playlist. Don't know what's causing the issue. It's fine on my PC, just seemed to have "stopped" syncing or recognising more songs on my iphone App. I have even gone as far as already deleting my spotify app and reload ALL my offline playlists back on my phone today.



I now resolved it by creating a copy, copy and paste all the tracks into the new copy and replaced it by deleting the previous playlist. Now its fine on my iphone again and seems to load all 89 tracks that are in the playlist.

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