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iPhone keeps triggering my Amps built in Chromecast

iPhone keeps triggering my Amps built in Chromecast

When using Spotify Connect on my Pioneer Amp I have been having the issue that if I control the music from my iPhone and I have left the spotify app and I re-enter the app then it will turn off the music and trigger the built in Chromecast on my Amp and I have to re-select Spotify Connect, it is super annoying, how do I get this to stop!! 

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Same here... indeed frustrating 

Which amp do you have?

HM76D. Any improvements on your end? Still the same issue here...

Yes, it is still an issue. I don’t know your amp, I am using a Pioneer SC-LX701 and I have spoken to Spotify support and they say that it is because they no longer support my amp

I have found a work around, if you are using Spotify Connect from your phone then don’t use wifi when using Spotify. That way you are not actually connected to the amp 👍🏻

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