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iPhone: local files don't sync

iPhone: local files don't sync

It seems i can't sync any song to my iPhone, all i  can see is "Waiting to download" but nothing is happening. It's started when i updated my iPhone 5 software to 9.0.1. I just updated to 9.0.2 and it still doesn't work..


I notice that a lot of people are having the same issues. Not being able to sync files is pretty big features of the premium account of spotify and we are paying money for this so it would be nice if you guy's could give us an update on the situation.


Someone from Spotify can help us please?

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I'm having the same issue as the guy above. My iPhone 6 has a 128gb storage. I already have about 3000plus songs downloaded for offline use and my storage says spotify has only used 43gb total. After my other apps, the available space on my device is 57.2gb. I just upgraded my icloud storage for 2.99usd a month for the 200gb icloud storage thinking just in case the app decided to switch it's storage memory to the icloud storage, and it still doesn't sync. I've noticed my music only begins to sync where it left off randomly depending on the wifi network I'm on and after some restarts and also randomly after the app has been shut off for a while and/or in offline mode. The moment I sign onto a slow or even fast speed wifi network then like I said only sometimes it will begin to sync. I really doubt the storage is my issue here. Hoping I can get guidance to a resolution as I do not like not being able to have the music I want for offline use especially when I am travelling overseas for business and stuck in long flights without having the variety or choice of music I desire. I am a premium account user paying for such services so I expect to have assistance is finally resolving this issue once and for all. I have been dealing with this issue for a long time and I hope someone can help me once and for all. Thank you. -mderossi

Yup, just migrated over to Spotify, so I"m having the same problem.  Intermittent downloads, that take a really long time.  I have 800 songs to go, and it does a song about every 4-5 minutes if I'm lucky.


Hoping there's a resolution...



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