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iPod Question

iPod Question

I have an iTouch that I want to put spotify on, and I know I have to get premium to do that, which is fine.  However, my iTouch doesn't have any internet access, and I rarely am on my wi-fi at home (I use it in the car all the time, but that's about it).  Can I just put my list onto the iTouch and switch it to offline mode?  Or must my device have some sort of internet access?

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When you can access Wifi you can put your favorite playlists to Offline mode and after that you don't need the access anymore to play the files. You can try it out while you are at a Wifi access spot. Try switching the Spotify to Force offline mode and try if the offline playlists work.

They should.

Go offline whenever you like
You can also ‘Force Offline’ on your mobile phone at any time. Spotify will wave goodbye to the internet and go offline. Perfect if you’ve got a low battery or want to reduce internet use.

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