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iphone / ipad constantly plays spotify "everywhere" on Alexa

iphone / ipad constantly plays spotify "everywhere" on Alexa

Plan: Duo Premium

Country UK



(iPhone 8,  iPad New)

Operating System

(Whatever update they did last)


My Question or Issue

Everytime I tell my iphone or ipad to play on Alexa #1, it plays it on the other 3. It does not happen when I tell my macbook to play on Alexa #1, and it does not happen when my dad uses his iphone 8 / ipad to connect to his device. We have the same software install too and this has been going on for about 2-3 weeks. I have to literally shout at Alexa #1 to play spotify because I cannot use my phone for it anymore to connect without it playing on all the others. We deleted the "Everywhere" group but still, when I click on Alexa #1, it says playing everywhere. I also unlinked the skill and relinked. I also uninstalled the app. 

It can't be the latest OS as dad has the same one and it is not a problem for him. 

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Hey @Sea211,


Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community!


Could you confirm that you've performed a clean reinstall of the app as it's more thorough? You can also try changing the name of your Alexa or factory resetting it.


If the issue still persists, it'd be helpful if you could give us:

  • The version of your iOS.
  • The version of the Spotify app. You can check that in the app's Settings > About.

Let us know how it goes.



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