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iphone streaming issues


iphone streaming issues

Running spotify app on iphone 4 ios 5.  Problems started a week ago or so.  Takes forever to start streaming a song, then stops streaming after about a minute.  App stays open and doesn't crash, but won't stream any more.  If I close the app and reopen it, it will work for another minute and then stop again.  Same problem on wifi and 3g.


I have done the uninstall/reinstall and the close all the other apps things.  Problem persists.


Anybody having the same problem/know the fix?


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I had the same problem, I could sync but not stream. Sometimes I could listen to about 50 sec on a song and then it stopped working again. 

Have you updated your iphone? Because I connected my iphone to my computer and updated to the new version and then spotify started to work again. 

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This is a problem I have suffered from myself. There is a problem with syncing when you are doing it at the mobile device. 

What I did, at first, was to make a new playlist with only a few songs I wanted. This worked fine. But there is a better way.


1. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac.

2. Open the Devices tab to the left.

3. Sync from your computer, and onto the device.


Hope this helps!


Thanks Forge, but syncing is not really the problem, it is streaming. 


I don't want to sync for offline play, I am staying online and trying to stream music to my phone.


Example: I am in my car and I remember that Bruce Springsteen came out with a new album this week.  So I search for it, find it and try to play it streaming over 3g to my phone (at a stoplight of course, 'cause I am being safe).  It takes about a minute to start playing, then plays for a minute, then stops streaming altogether.


As I said, this was never really a problem before the last week or so.  I have not changed or upgraded anything on my phone.  I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but nothing seems to work.





Oh. I am so sorry. I totally misread your post, when I was focused on the problem I solved myself.


Well, I think I got an answer for the problem you have too, fortunately 🙂


You are streaming over 3G, as you said. This is streaming, which means you are downloading the song while you are listening to it. Unfortunately, the network can be delayed, or load the song slowly. The problem is that the listening goes faster than the loading.

This is, at least my theory. Your carrier is responsible for this, not Spotify. But I might be wrong, since you say that the streaming stops altogether. Maybe you got a 3G block, and the carrier blocks your internet connection because of high usage?

I really appreciate the responses and I am not trying to be difficult, but


1.  I have no block or limit on data via 3g


2.  This problem happens at home on my wifi network too


3.  I never experienced the problem until about a week ago.  It used to work just fine in these situations.

On your Wi-Fi too? Then I am afraid I don't know what can cause the problem. People would maybe recommend reseting the device, but I don't want you to try some of my tips if I don't know if it's the easiest way to solve it.
Thanks for listening, and we'll hope someone else who can help you gets into the topic 🙂

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I had the same problem, I could sync but not stream. Sometimes I could listen to about 50 sec on a song and then it stopped working again. 

Have you updated your iphone? Because I connected my iphone to my computer and updated to the new version and then spotify started to work again. 

That did it Pinnipeds. Thanks!

Hi there.


I've had an issue wherein I've uploaded over 2000 songs onto my iPhone and when I least expect it, the syncing must begin again on the phone.  This happened about 3 times already.  Each time, all 2000 songs must be re-synced as playing them without syncing leads to pauses throughout the song as it is syncing or has to be synced.  Am I doing something wrong?  I have lots of storage on my phone and have an unlimited data plan.  What should I do to eliminate this seemingly regular re-syncing?





Hi I also had the same problem after upgrading to IOS5... But it's not that, it's the upgraded app.

In settings it came with streaming=high. So try setting it to normal (recommended) and it should stream better



I have the same issue, where every time I play a song from a playlist it only plays that song and then stops. Spotify never starts actually playing the next song even though you can see the cover photo and information from the next song on the screen.

I was having the same issue. At work on WiFi my iPhone (with Spotify premium) was halting 4-8 times per song. Originally, I thought this was Spotify's fault and canceled the service and tried MOG (hated it, left it) then went to Rhapsody (hated it) and gave Spotify another try.


Did some looking into it and Spotify on my laptop on the same WiFi network at work - no problems with High Quality streaming. Also on LTE my iPhone has no problems playing Spotify music on high quality. So it can't be Spotify. It has to be something else with the router or the iPhone... or the WiFi receiver/transmitter... I don't know. But.... just hooked my bluetooth headset to my laptop and have been playing with no problems.

Please tell me why the spotify app on my iPhone 4 will not work it dont even open, and beside the word spotify under the logo ther now are a tiny blue dot, i have tried re download of the app but the same thing happend the app will not load?

The tiny blue dot means you have recently updated the application, but you haven't opened it yet. What version of iOS are you running on your iPhone 4?

The reason you can't open it is most likely because of some difficulties after the update. I would advice you to try giving your phone a hard restart.

To do this, you will have to press and hold both the home button (the round button at the bottom) and the power button (button on top). Keep holding these until the phone turns off, and contine holding them until you can see the white Apple logo. Then you can release the buttons and wait for the phone to turn on. Then you can try opening Spotify again.

Thank you that worket😊😊😊😊

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