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(iPhone Xs Max)

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(iOS 14.2)


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I use the playlist section of the app to save albums in playlist folders that I create and organize by genre. After the last Spotify update, I noticed that the add to playlist option is not working correctly for albums.


Before the last Spotify update, I was able to create a playlist for an album using the "Add to Playlist" option within the album and save it to one of the playlist folders that I created within the general playlist folder. After the last update, the playlist can only be saved to the general playlist folder and there is no way to drag the newly created playlist into the playlist folders that I created.


If you look at the attached photo, I tried to create the Lecrae album playlist and put it inside the "Rap" playlist folder but the app wouldn't let me. This is a new issue that never happened in the past.

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I don’t use low power mode.
I have tried reinstalling Spotify app and the bug is still there.
It happens after a few hours.

It says my video is too large, not sure how to make it smaller than 5mb to post it. 

Here is a video of the issue. I tried to create an album playlist in my “Rap” playlist folder and it ended up being created in the General playlist section. 

Hi folks,


Thanks for the detailed info and the video.


The right team has been informed of this and they are currently looking into it. Head over to this Ongoing Issue thread and add your +Vote and the requested info as a post. Don't forget to Subscribe to the thread in order to stay up to date with any development on the matter.


In the mean time you can try managing the playlists and folders on your account from the Desktop app if you have access to one. In there you can simply drag items in and out of folders.


Hope this helps.

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