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lock screen bug on ios7.1 and suggestion

lock screen bug on ios7.1 and suggestion

lock screen bug on ios7.1(iphone5) please fix it


matter: press lock sreen pause button will close spotify


add suggestion:can you add star button on lock screen just like itunes radio does

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Strange just tested this out on my 4S and it seems fine. Can you try fully restarting your device by holding the home and lock buttons together until the apple logo appears on screen and then see if you get the same issue? 


Also, the star button will shortly be making an exit from Spotify once the new Collections feature (which is currently in beta testing) hits the public channel. 

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Restart iphone doesn't  work.


I can sure this is not IOS 7.1 system issue since I tested so many music apps they  are  perfect performing on iphone lock screen.


Just Spotify and Pandora have these essius.


Maybe it's API  problem

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