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multiple devices

Would love to see multiple device option. I currently pay for 2 well known movie and tv app subscriptions that allow me to use their app simultaneously and on I believe up to 5 devices and they are both cheaper per month than the premium subscription for spotify. although I do love spotify, its my go to app nowadays, I am pretty disappointed that my husband and I both cant use the app while we are at work at the same time. I signed up for the premium to save space on my phone.
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Sadly, this is down to Spotify licensing terms with the record companies. I'm sure Spotify would love for this to happen, after all sharing music is what Spotify is all about. However, it does clearly state in Section 3 of the T&C's that your Spotify account is "Personal" meaning only for usage by one person, the account holder. Technically therefore your husband should have his own account. 


The main reason they have this term is to ensure that the rights holders get paid fairly for the services and music they provide. They have to make a living off the music they create. 



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