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offline available button missing

offline available button missing



i´m using a iphone 4s and upgraded spotify today.


i removed and installed the app, but i have no offline available button!


how to i get the music offline available?


many thanks

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Hi @sexymäxy , welcome to the community!


Could you attach an screenshot?

done, i´ve also tried it on a android phone .. same problem.


and on the software on the computer, i got no accoutn information

many thanks .... sovled the problem

i seems that i can only make my own playlists available offline and not the one from spotify or other users

@sexymäxy You can only make Spotify playlists available offline if you are subscribed to premium, if you are a free user you will only be able to play in shuffle mode on your mobile device. If you want to subscribe to premium, current trial offers are available here 🙂 There is also a comparison chart here with the different subscription types that Spotify offers. 

Hope this helped 🙂

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