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premium not working on iphone


premium not working on iphone



my premium account dosnt work on my iphone anymore. Playlists are gone and when i try to stream a song it says: "You need a premium account to play this song".


Why is this?


last premium order id: 76591768015

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I can't get Premium to work on my phone either, ugh!  Please help.  Thanks.

Cant get spotify premium to work on the iphone 5. My subscription page says that its active but my payment is 12/29/2012. I login through spotify thru FB. Email login [Snip - Mod Edit - email]. Let me know if you can help. Thanks.

Lorider - It seems your payment for November couldn't go through. Please head over to your subscription page and make sure that card still meets the requirements outlined here: Spotify FAQ


sdavidova, 125857449, ktantry- I can confirm you're all on Premium. Try signing out and signing back in, followed by a clean reinstallation if needed.


How's that working for you today? 



I just bought premium , logged in on my iphone 5 but it says i dont have premium? i have the receipt in my email..whats going on

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The first thing to do if your Premium isn't working is check your subscription page


Once you've confirmed you've got an active subscription, try logging out and logging back in. 


Your final step should be a clean reinstallation. The Premium service will start on your phone shortly. 

Trying in vain to start a 30 day trial on my iPad. Have uninstalled the app three times but getting the same result - that I need a premium account to stream on my device.


Any advice?

Hi edmorgan - So right now your 'edmogan' account is on an Unlimited subscription. In order to use Spotify on your iPad you'll need to upgrade to Premium. 


You can make the upgrade easily from your subscription page



I signed up for the free 30 day premium trial and when I try to get a password for mobile access it keeps telling me that it cant send the email at this time?  Any advice?

Hi Jones41004 - Are you also using an iPhone? If so, you'll just need to sign in with your Facebook email and password as normal. 


Users with a Symbian phone will need to set a device username/ password. However the site is having a bit of trouble at the moment. Check out this post for more info:

Hi Meredith,


I was having the same problem and deleting the app and reinstalling fixed the issue with not being able to stream through my Premium account.  However, ALL of my playlists and starred tracks are gone, and I'm not happy about it. How can I get them back? That data shouldn't delete with the app, playlist data is stored through Spotify, so where did the songs disappear to?

Hi, my premium started working after I logged out, restarted my phone and logged back in.



I currently pay for premium and it use to work on both my IPad and IPhone but for the past week my iPhone will not play and songs and all my playlists keep saying "Loading".


I've uninstalled Spotify on my iphone, logged in and out, restarted my iPhone but nothing seems to work? I've also checked that my payment details are correct and that payment has been taken, which it has.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The same problem happened to me today =(
I am trying out Spotify with the 30 day trial and it says on the website that my premium account is active and I got the email receipt. 
When I use the Spotify app on both my iPhone and Laptop it wont recognize me as being premium.
How can I fix this?

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Webworks - How's that working for you now?


Tomas_M - I believe you've got two accounts with us. The account linked to your Community email just had a 2-day trial back in October. 


Did you create a unique username when you first joined?

Now that I think about, I remember making an account separate from my facebook account. I dont know the username I used to make it though.
Also, I just logged out and back in and the app on my laptop recognizes me as being premium but not my phone.

We can track down that second account and help merge the two. Just send us a message using the contact form.


If you get an automated response, just reply again. One of our agents will be sure to get your message.

I've paid for the premium yet it still says I can oply use radio. My order number is 123614712016

Try logging out, restarting your device and then logging in again 😉 



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My spotify does not work on my ipad.I am able to access it on my laptop but I am told I do not have a premium account and only stream radio when I use it from my ipad.Why is that?Help!! thanks

Hi downloaded the free trial for two days. And liked it so I purchased the premium but I get 30 days free. When I try using the app on my phone it will allow me to access all the music I starred and saved but when I go to search for more music to save it keeps sending me to the radio saying this is for premium users only. Any ideas? I've logged in and out plenty of times and restarted my phone.

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