"Available offline" keeps resetting to off.


Re: "Available offline" keeps resetting to off.


I have had this problem repeatedly for the past 3 months.  as a consequence of repeatedly resynching my Spotify Library I have exceeded my monthly ISP downolad allowance.  I am therefore paying for the failure of Spotify to fix this bug.


I am off to Google and and suggest every other frustrated Spotify User does the same.



Re: "Available offline" keeps resetting to off.

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Mid 2017 already and I haven't found an explanation for this yet. The button keeps switching to off every month or so. And the annoying part is that if I start downloading my songs again, the app saves them in the internal storage instead of the external SD (Android device) so I have to re-install the app every time this happens in order for the app to recognize the external SD. (Sorry for bad english)

Re: "Available offline" keeps resetting to off.


Late 2017 and still the same annoying bug, both on my Android phone and iPad.  Seems like a "broken as designed" problem that Spotify doesn't care to fix.

Re: "Available offline" keeps resetting to off.


Same! I'm on Android Moto G.... I'm often getting on the subway going to work, or going to the gym... Turn on Spotify and find my playlist completely unavailable. Happens at least 4x per month. 

Re: "Available offline" keeps resetting to off.


This is not limeted to ios.

I am on a windows 10 and it is happening to me too.


My thoery from my observations is that my playlist is at max offline downloads and whenever i add another song into it it switches the status to off.

But it may be coincidence.