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"Listen On" list intermittently missing Alexas

"Listen On" list intermittently missing Alexas


Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: iPhone Xs

Operating System: 13.3.1


My Question or Issue:


After setting up and linking my Spotify account to my Alexa the "Listen On" menu was worked well. I use it often to select music and then play it through one of our Alexas. Recently the function has been very buggy. Specifically, some or all of the Alexas are missing from the "Listen On" menu.


To remedy the issue I have attempted force closing and reopening the Spotify App as well as power cycling the Alexa that is missing. These steps only occasionally resolve the issue. Sometimes the issue resolves on its own after waiting several hours.


The attached screenshot is missing our device, named "Kimberly's Echo Plus" which should be listed.


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Your phone should be connected to WiFi (same one as alexa). Should pop up then. This issue also happens on the PS4. I’ll often connect to alexa directly via Bluetooth to avoid this issue completely however then it plays everything my phone is doing e.g videos from instagram

Interesting. I use WiFi and am always connected on the same network.

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