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(iPhone 7)

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(iOS 12.0.1)


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 I've a problem since yesterday. When i'm searching an artist for example Post Malone and click "show all songs", i'm listening to the first one..but when i wanna skip, there is a random song from a random artist..not from post malone.

Can you help me with this problem? its very annoying


thanks a lot

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Hey @masterrockstar Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Do you have something queued? To clear your queue, go to the top left corner of the song and you will see an icon with numbers next to it. Click there then go and deselect the songs listed. If you dont have songs queued, is it only when you listen to Post Malone songs? 



hey thanks for your welcome 🙂 @Keanu_C

no i did not have something queued..there isnt an icon with numbers

its not only when i'm listen to post doesnt matter which artist i'm listen to..its everytime


I just tried what you have described myself and i realize what is going on. When you click on his songs and you skip, it will go to Spotify Radio. Spotify Radio is essentially a radio that is tailored to songs that are similar to the song you have selected. What i would recommend if you want to listen to only Post Malone songs, is to go to his Spotify profile and then select the song from there. That way it is only sticking to Past Malone songs. 


Also click on this Spotify Radio FAQ for more info about Spotify Radio. 


Let me know how it goes!


Hey @masterrockstar.


Just to add to what @Keanu_C said: this is a new feature on Spotify's part which was implemented with the latest version, so that if you search for a track and start playing, this will automatically play from Radio.


If you would like to have the original feature back, you can create an idea in the Ideas Exchange here and get others to vote for it. If it garners enough votes, then Spotify might consider implementing it!


Hope that helps. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with 🙂

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