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spotify not scrobbling to on newest version of Spotify


spotify not scrobbling to on newest version of Spotify

its not working at all. i tried deleting spotify, restarted my phone, taking my username out of my social and putting it back, etc. It just doesn't scrobble

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Having same problem. Running Spotify app v, iPhone 4 v. 6.1.2 (firmware 04.12.05). Hope to see a fix soon.


same here: OS 6.1.3 and cannot scrobble from iPhone 4 or iPad. Scrobbling works with the desktop version, so it cannot be the login details. I have re-installed Spotify but it didn't help.


Still no improvement! No scrobbling. Update please!

PLEASE hurry Spotify I want my scrobbles!!!! 😞

bummer. If it didn't scrobble, it didn't happen!

Anyway, glad it's not just me.

How about an update guys? You broke a critical integration feature. Least you can do is give us an ETA on a fix.

Please fix this Spotify people.  Where's my 9.99 going?

Lucky I only paid for a month of premium, I'm not paying for Spotify again. Their iOS app isn't that great anyway, the least they could do is not break it. You'd think for a paid premium service we would have had a quick fix. Bye Spotify.

I'm as big of a Spotify fan as anyone, but having scrobbling down for days with NO update or NO ETA is unacceptable. 


If this is not fixed soon, I've got no problem jumping to Rdio.

This is pretty discouraging. I switched to spotify from a competitor because of the native scrobbling ability – and pay for a premium account to support them. If this issue isn’t resolved, I’ll have to find something else. I’ve been scrobbling diligently for eight years – my loyalty resides there.

Geez Spotify. You broke a major feature yet  you haven't responded to complaints about it.

Are you fixing it or just going to ignore the pissed off Premium Users? 



I might try out Rdio actually. Their iOS app is horrible.

Really would like to see this working again, thanks!

To everyone complaining -- Spotify does know about this, and they are working on it! Check out their release note for the new version of Spotify here! They edited the post on Friday to say that they are "investigating" the scrobbing problem. Be patient, they'll fix it!

I am also having the same problem and would like it fixed to be honest!!

Dear Spotify I love you so.
I'm mad but I won't let you go.
Please fix your app for iOS,
and it's forever you and I oh yes.

I can confirm that Spotify silently fails to scrobble on my Iphone 5 (Ios 6.1.3). I've tried removing the app and reinstalling it, doesn't help.

Same here. Reinstalled app (, tried to enter incorrect and correct credentials, no help.


Part of my life silently gets erased, please fix.

Bummer this happened. For the users mentioning Rdio. I have used the iOS app in the past and it's generally very good. The software is more intuitive on both the desktop and iOS. They also have native scrobbling.

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