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spotify not scrobbling to on newest version of Spotify


spotify not scrobbling to on newest version of Spotify

its not working at all. i tried deleting spotify, restarted my phone, taking my username out of my social and putting it back, etc. It just doesn't scrobble


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Hi guys,

Good news! We've just released a new update and the scrobbling should be fixed.

If you're still having trouble, please let us know.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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135 Replies

keep in mind this happened only after the latest update today

Me too. Version 0.6.1. Cannot listen to music now, beacause I'm a scrobbling addict. I'm (almost) serious

This iOS app is a mess.

Really disappointed right now. I always use Spotify mobile and its very annoying how scrobbling broke in the latest update.

PLEASE PLEASE fix it, or at least assure us its going to be soon.

I was hoping for properly working offline scrobbling and what happened? No scrobbling at all;( 

+1, although I'm glad it's not just me..

Same for me, I have updated to the latest version yesterday and since then, nothing is scrobbled.

Just noticed this as well, been using spotify on my iphone pretty much all last night and this morning and realised the last time it scrobbled was yesterday around 5, when I downloaded the new update. Tried a fresh re-install and re-entering my username and password but still nothing. Hopefully it gets sorted soon as it's a nice little feature.

Yeah I noticed this immediately after updating. It will not scrobble, tried re-installing app too. Very disapointed in this update.

I actually almost never update my Spotify on iOS before maybe a week or two has gone since it is released. The reason for this is that for a while it seemed like each update introduced a new bug, and since Spotify is one of the most important apps on my phone I started being careful with updating. But now I have felt that the quality has been very good for a while, so I updated right away, and of course i get burned. I really hope you fix this soon, because I needs my scrobbling so bad, I should probably see a shrink 😉

Glad its not just me ......really disappionted with this ..

Ugh. Me too. Really upsetting. 

This is being investigated by the team as posted in the release notes topic.



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Glad it isn't just me experiencing this issue.  I didn't equate the update last night to when the last time scrobbling worked.  Hopefully they will have a fix soon!

I'm experiencing the same. =(

Very disappointing. Hope you'll be able to solve the issue soon.


Otherwise I'll start to think about investing ten euros a month differently. ;o)

Was just coming to post about this, glad to see I'm not the only one. Glad to see Spotify is working on it as well. 🙂


Stopped working after the latest update. On my iPhone 4, Verizon, running iOS 6.1.2.

Having the same problem. iOS 6.1.3, newest update, iPhone 4S on AT&T. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I only just noticed this... so many scrobbles lost :'(


Me too - No scrobbling possible - hope this will be fixed soon!

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