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spotify premium stops all the time


spotify premium stops all the time

After more than 1 year of enjoying spotify on my ipad 2 it has gone bad last weeks. It stops playing all the time. It stops playing after 1 minute or sometimes 2 minutes. And it always stops playing at the end of the song.  I have tried anything, reinstalling, different internet locations, waiting very long and so on. It doesn't make sense.  It even stops playing in offline mode, so internet connection is not the problem. I don't even listen to spotify anymore and if this is not fixed within one week I will stop my premium subscription.



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Hi everyone - Thanks for providing that info while we work on this for you. 


Just today an updated version of our iOS app was released (0.5.3). Please head over to the App Store to install that update if you haven't already. 


Let us know how that works for you. 

Good morning. I was very hopeful that the update would fix the problem, but it did not. After the update, I once again tried the stream quality change, also to no avail.

I just did the update and for the first time in weeks, the continuous play works....for now.  I'm skeptical. 

Hi Meredith,


Sorry to report that Spotify is still not working for me on my iPad 2, even after the 0.5.3 update of today and a reinstall. I'm running iOS 5.1.1 and Spotify 0.5.3 (, see the screenshots below.


This time the first track stopped playing at 1:26 and pressing pause & play has no effect. When I select another song it starts playing, but sadly not for long. Downloading of the playlist stopped as well (49 of 144 tracks done). The Internet connection is working fine. Changing the quality from Normal to High and back to Normal does not seem to help. Spotify is currently unusable on my tablet, since every song stops.


Spotify is running smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy S [Spotify (0.8.3.nnn.mmmmmmm) running on Android 2.3.6). I did not notice any problems on my laptop as well [Spotify running on Windows 7].


Hope this information helps to fix the problem, since my smartphone and laptop are really starting to make fun of my tablet... Smiley Wink


Cheers, Freek



Photo 16-07-12 23 02 01.png


Photo 16-07-12 23 02 48.png


Photo 16-07-12 23 03 53.png

MarilynneN, FreekDB6 - Thanks for getting back to us. We'd like to try to reproduce this so we can keep troubleshooting with you. 


Is this happening only when you stream music? What about with offline playlists?


@FreekDB6 I can see that you're listening to a playlist, but what about when you use the Radio feature? Does this happen with your playlists with fewer tracks? How about the larger ones? 


Any other info you can throw our way so we can reproduce this would be great. 



Hi Meredith,


I've created a very short playlist (2 tracks) and downloaded the songs. Again, playing stops during the first track (both in online and offline mode):


Photo 18-07-12 12 56 43.png



Then I also created a long playlist (660 tracks; Marillion has created lots of music), but playback fails completely and downloading doesn't work either:


Photo 18-07-12 16 25 56.png



Currently, the Radio feature only shows a busy indicator; this is also the case for Search and What's New. The internet connection is working fine. Time to reinstall the application?


Cheers, Freek


P.S. I've also installed Spotify Premium (Linux Preview) on Ubuntu and the Radio feature works fine there. Please help my poor iOS device... 😉

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After my initial post here, I heard back from Spotify tech support. We've been back and forth with several things to try, none of which worked until after the last upgrade, which in itself did not fix the problem. I got a followup e-mail from a tech named Tristan, who sent me the following. Details related specifically to my account are removed, but otherwise, these are his directions in full:


I know you have performed a reinstall many times already, but to make sure everything is fresh, I would like you to perform this again, this time deleting the cache files first, as I believe you may have a corrupt file. Please follow below.

If you could start by clearing your cache, follow these instructions:

On the first desktop page of your iPhone, you need to select settings.
Then scroll down until you get to the Safari option, selet this.
You then need to select clear history and proceed to clear.
You will then also need to select clear cookies and data (beneath clear history) and then proceed to clear.

Now you can perform a clean installation of the new app following these instructions:

1. Delete the Spotify application from your iPhone/iPod. To do this, press and hold the application until it hovers and then press the X symbol
2. Restart your iPod/iPhone
3. Install Spotify again from the AppStore

Can you also reset your password by clicking the link below. Don't worry you can change this back if needed.

(link removed as I think it linked directly to my account)

Please log in using username '(Spotify user name)' (not email address) and new password.


This procedure fixed my problem. I am now both streaming and playing offline play lists successfully. I hope this will lead you in the right direction for those still experiencing problems. Also, 3 cheers for Tristan! 😉




Recently on my ipad, my songs stop halfway through the song and then I can't get another song to start.  I have tried reinstalling MANY times.  I am getting super frustrated.  I have the premium service.  Does anyone know of a number I can call?  This is frustrating not being able to contact someone from spotify directly.  

I've got the exact same problem. Almost every song in my Offline playlists randomly stop and when I click on Play they just won't work. I've got to skip to an other song and then come back to the previous one, and than halfway through the song it randomly stops again. Very frustrating, seeing I pay for this yet it's not working..

Hi theresamanfredo & 7earzi - I've just moved your posts to this similar thread. 


Please take a look at the troubleshooting steps above (esp making sure you're on the latest 0.5.3 app).


If you're still experiencing that issue after doing a clean reinstall/ clear cache, please let us know. The more info we have the better as we will try to recreate this on our end. 

There's an email support form on their website. It takes them a couple of days to get back to you, but they do respond.
Marked as solution

Hi all

I cleared the cache in Safari, uninstalled Spotify, made a 'COLD' reboot and reinstalled Spotify on my wifes IPAD, and now it workes again.


/Regards Thomas

ipad2 stops at 2:10 every song...jusy performed all the steps listed...same problem,



Music stops after 1 min, sometimes 2. I cant get the music to resume. This has been for three days now, and as i am a paying costumer and i mainly listen to music on the ipad, it has got me frustrated quite a bit. I dont see a reason to clear my cache and cookies, caus its not my fault but spotify's. Reinstalled it and lost my freaking synchronisation already.


@Agathon86 wrote:

Music stops after 1 min, sometimes 2. I cant get the music to resume. This has been for three days now, and as i am a paying costumer and i mainly listen to music on the ipad, it has got me frustrated quite a bit. I dont see a reason to clear my cache and cookies, caus its not my fault but spotify's. Reinstalled it and lost my freaking synchronisation already.

It seems that you'd do what works rather than just blaming Spotify and saying they should fix it. Clearing your cache harms nothing and may fix the problem. What's the down side?

Cleared the cache. Now i am allowed one complete song, But then it stops and freezes. It so sad that it had to stop working although its been good for so long and there doesnt seem to be a cause for this... %(


I know i sound grudgy but all i want is a little music at the end of the day.

No, I understand. I was very frustrated when mine wasn't working, too. Did you do the full process with a cold boot and reinstall as well as clearing the cache? I don't know which step worked for me, or if it was the combination, but something finally did. Good luck with yours. I hope something fixes it for you.

Hi Agathon86 - @MarilynneN is right--sounds like you need to do a clean reinstall to be sure you're on our latest update (0.5.4).


If you're still having this problem please give us a shout right here. 

Hi,i have the exact same problem on my ipad3.have followed all advice I.e clearing cache/data /clean install etc but still it persists.Everything was working perfectly until last week sometime.I have spotify on my Nokia N8 phone running Symbian and that is fine.Any more ideas would be good.Cheers

Spotify freezes/crashes after the first song played. It refuses to do anything after that. Deleted cashe and data, reinstalled it: everythings the same. Android works, ios doesnt. 

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