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spotify premium stops all the time


spotify premium stops all the time

After more than 1 year of enjoying spotify on my ipad 2 it has gone bad last weeks. It stops playing all the time. It stops playing after 1 minute or sometimes 2 minutes. And it always stops playing at the end of the song.  I have tried anything, reinstalling, different internet locations, waiting very long and so on. It doesn't make sense.  It even stops playing in offline mode, so internet connection is not the problem. I don't even listen to spotify anymore and if this is not fixed within one week I will stop my premium subscription.



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You can change the quality in Spotify > Settings > Music Quality.

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Thanks. I've now tried this but it is still not working.


I first uninstalled Spotify. Then cleared history/cookies in Safari. Then rebooted Iphone. Reinstalled Spotify - music quality was set to normal as default.


I selected extreme and then normal (just in case).


It worked again for 4 songs or so, and then the problem re occurs.


Does anyone know how this can be resolved if above doesn't work?

I use(d) Spotify on Android and iOS.  The problem is the app.  Pandora works fine under the same conditions and circumstances.  I've scoured the forums and have tried all the suggestions.  Nothing works.  It's not our phones or tablets.  It's not our network connections.  It's not third party apps or battery saving stops.  It's the Spotify app.  Every possibility has been explored.  The last remaining possibilty is that the app is broken.  Spotify...spend the cabbage.  Hire some wicked app developing talent.  I'm back on Pandora but I miss you guys.  Please fix it.  Thanks.  

Spotify keeps cutting out on my ipad air when I go onto Safari

@ColchyCol - I get this sometimes when I have a lot of apps open. Try force closing a few, do you get the same behavior?

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I've got the same issue on an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0 (never dared to update). I have this since 2 weeks.


I cannot seem to find out why and when this happens. 

- I recently had a moment where songs would pause-play-pause-play, each second stopping. 

- Mostly, it skips around 15 seconds but this varies. Other moments there are no issues for a longer period.

- It also skips to next songs sometimes.

- iTunes or other music does not skip/pause

- It seems to happen more when cycling. Some thoughts I had:

1) This may be because the iPhone keeps searching for wifi > that's not the case, issue persisted with wifi off.

2) Maybe apps opened > no, with all apps closed, issue persisted.

3) Moving > no, when standing still, issue persists (lol). When shaking the iPhone, it did not have an effect when the issue was not accuring. It did not make the songs skip (paranoid-mode was gladly stopped, but the issue persisted).


I read hear steps to Remove coockies/browser history, then remove Spotfiy, restart iPhone, reinstall Spotify. Let's wait and see if this works.


I use offline-playlists, which have 150-200 songs and I pay for Premium.


Please Spotify, we don't want to go back to torrents.... 

Device: Iphone6

OS: Version 8.3

Spotify App Version:

Status: Premium User


Everytime I try to play a song on my iphone app, regardless of internet connection or songs downloaded for offline mode, the song will stop after a minute and a half of play. I have no issues on my mac desktop app. I've tried clearing my cache and re-installing the app but nothing works. Please advise.


I still have problems with Adroid after the new version. This is very annoying... any solution, please? Thanks!

this is indeed the only way to solve that music-stopping problem in spotify: 


delete cache + all data of the app (i.e. spotify)

uninstall the app

restart the phone

reinstall the app


Result: works fine. 

Same probem here. Every now and then without adjusting anyting the music stops after 2 minutes. No sound, but you see that the file continues. Reloaden the app doesn't help. What to do?



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