Issues with Spotify Premium with Fido

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Hello, I got Spotify premium for two years, that came with my new BYOP Fido plan. Everything worked well about a week or so but few days ago my Spotify Premium finished and I am forced again just Spofity Free. It says:" Your subscription with one of our partners has just ended, so you are now using Spofity Free.


I have no idea what went wrong. I was supposed to use Spotify Premium for free for two years. When trying to active Spotify Premium through Fido web page, I am told, that my cell phone number is eligible, I receive activation code in message, but after submitting there is only this option: As a Fido customer, there are 2 ways you can access Spotify Premium: Upgrade your current plan OR purchase it at a discounted rate.


I am not able activate my Spotify Premium subscription any more, though I activated it this way for the first time. And similarly, as it shows I am eligible and I receive activation code on my cell phone, I should be also able to activate Spotify Premium subscription, correct?


I am kinda desperate since I have swaped my Fido plan mostly because of this special offer for Spotify Premium, but now I am forced again to use only Spotify Free.Smiley Sad


Thank you everyone for any help. 😉 

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