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Can't buy premium



I've been trying to buy premium for a couple of days now, but it doesn't work.

After selecting Paypal and accepting the terms of use on the website, i click on "start spotify premium".

But when logging in to Paypal and accepting the payment, i just get redirected to the same spotify page as before ( No error message is being shown.

The payment isn't listed in my Paypal accout either (and my Spotify account stays on Spotify free).


I already tried with different browsers, clearing my cache and even a different OS. I have not tested Spotify premium yet (thus the 99ct for 3 months should work - and why would it show me the offer if i couldn't use it?). Both my Spotify and Paypal accounts are set to Germany. The Spotify account is linked with facebook. And yes, my Paypal works, i just payed with it last week.




Who Me Too'd this topic