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Playlists Stopping After Every Track, Also Two-Seconds of Silence Towards the End of Every Track

Every since the last update this past weekend, Spotify has been inserting two seconds of silence towards the end of every track. The gaps consistently occur approximately 5 seconds before the end of each track. I don't usually have crossfade turned on. I've tried turning it on, turning it off, nothing makes any difference.


When this isn't happening, Spotify has started stopping and freezing at the end of every track. This happens during album plays and also during customized playlists. If I go in and manual move forward to the next track, it starts up again, but often it just stops again at the end of the next track.


Finally, I'm also noticing that sometimes Spotify starts playing tracks but without sound.


Awful update, folks. Things were pretty good beforehand.


Edited to Add: I'm using an Amazon Fire Phone, and I'm a premium subscriber.

Who Me Too'd this topic