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Stranger Things mode not working for Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack


Assuming this is a bug, or an oversight, but the cool Stranger Things Mode on my Android App (v armV7),  does not seem to work with the Stranger Things 2 (Soundtrack from the Netflix Original Series). I've tried searching for a particular song and playing it outside of the album, adding one to my Library and playing it outside of the album, and playing the album in full, but nothing seems to get it to work :(


Works fine for the Sountrack (vol1 and 2) for Stranger Things 1 and all the character playlists though.


I know it should as it works on my Windows 10 Desktop Client (full version, not Windows Store version)


Not exactly app-breaking bug, but an annoyance I thought I'd bring to someone's attention

Who Me Too'd this topic