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View Playlist Folders on IOS mobile

Casual Listener


I just learned about the folder function in spotify, and quickly created folders using the desktop app. (File > create playlist folder.) I also moved my playlists into these folders. However, when I opened the app on my iPhone, none of these folders were visible.  


My music is still in the same order on both devices (ie. when I move a playlist to the bottom of my list using desktop, the mobile app reflects this change immediately), but all the playlists that are in folders on my mac are simply in the main list on my phone.


I believe I am supposed to be able to see playlist folders in the ios app because many posts in the forum just ask for a way to Create folders in the app, not a way to view them. Additionally, when I asked my friend, she said she could view playlist folders in the android app.


I have already tried restarting my devices, logging out of and back into my account, and deleting and reinstalling the mobile app. None of these have fixed my issue.


Please help! I hope someone else has had this same issue. I have scoured the forum but found nothing.

Who Me Too'd this topic