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Casual Listener


Device: iPhone 6

Subscription: Premium

Country: U.S.

Speakers: Bose Soundbar 300 W/Sub using WiFi connectivity.



Video 2


All apps, phone, and speakers are fully updated to the latest software.


Issue: You can get a better idea of the issue I’m talking about from the attached video. Basically, I will play a song from my (songs) catagory and instead of playing the correct next song in order it will change to other songs. It will always switch to these other songs in the same order.  I can then press randomize and then I press it to get the correct songs to come back but they will quickly change again.


I have deleted all data related to the Spotify app and re installed, deleted the Bose connect app and re installed, factory reset my speakers and set them up from scratch again, and reset my internet. At this point I do not have any ideas on what to do. Please help.


Who Me Too'd this topic