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Spotify Connect on Onkyo receiver problems

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Nokia 7 Plus

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Quite often when I stream something from one of my two Android phones to my Onkyo receiver with Spotify Connect, the song's sound is on-and-off for like 10-30 seconds, or the sound is gone completely for minutes. Meanwhile, on my phone in the Spotify app, the Onkyo app as well as in the receiver's display it says the song is still playing. It also responds to pause/play/skip, but the sound remains gone. 


Sometimes after a while (10-30 seconds) it picks up and the music plays fine for hours from that point, but sometimes it doesn't pick up and the only solution then is to restart the receiver while the song is still streaming from my phone.


It also often happens that the song's sound is gone for a while shortly after adjusting the volume, either on my phone or on the receiver's own volume knob. 


I think it's not a network problem: the receiver has a cable to my router, Netflix and internet radio are playing fine. Also, streaming to my Sonos speakers via Spotify Connect is never a problem. I have a very stable network with good coverage (Ubiquiti router and 3 Ubiquiti APs).


To me it seems like a receiver problem, but before I return the unit, I'd like your expert opinion on this :) 



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