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Spotify pauses all the time on diferent platforms

Hello There,

I'm slowly getting sick of it. For some reason all of my Spotify "devices" are going into a pause after a few seconds to a few minutes of playing. Mostly it is few seconds. i first noticed this on my phone (android 8.1.0) streaming over the Bluetooth to my car radio. when i got back home, i decided to continue listening to that specific music on my desktop (win10) and to my surprise, same issue came up. Then I’ve decided to check this on my Casatunes Streamer that has Spotify Premium integration and same thing, pauses after a few seconds of playing. The only thing that I can mention is that on Casatunes app on my phone a message poping up: "Spotify in use. Your music is paused as the account is in use somewhere else". I only have 3 devices that I'm listening on, I've decided to disconnect all of my devices and change my Spotify password. that did nothing, same problem exist on all of the devices.

Please help...




Who Me Too'd this topic