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Inconsistent UI between all platforms

I think that redesign can be good and helpful for certain things, such as iOS mobile update that completely changed the app, however, there are things such as the shuffle play button still on iPad and it is inconsistent design everywhere between android, iPadOS, iOS and pc/windows 10 version, if it was a better and more consistent design between all products, it would seem like a more unified product, rather than some feeling less well developed over others. For example, the genius lyrics missing on pc, but is on mobile Xbox one or the social feature and folders ability only on pc version. This makes it so that each version of Spotify on different platforms has it’s own benefits and features are only added on some platforms, making it so that not using Spotify on, for example pc, means that you would never know you could make folders, add subheadings, or see friends activity, making the experience feel half baked

Who Me Too'd this topic