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Can't Log in (Username/Password ~ Facebook ~ Email Link)



I can't log in on my phone, or on my new phone or on someone else's phone (I tried to log in with password / username and it didn't work, it stays "pressed" and goes blank again, logging in with Facebook doesn't works either, loads the Facebook screen but returns me to the main login menu and nothing happens).

Generic Notepad responses don't work, I've tried them all and none worked.

I tried: New installation of the application on a new phone (first Spotify installation), using another network, reset password, delete the Facebook application and it did not work.

I can: log into web browser (from phone), desktop app, web browser (PC)

I have no problem using Spotify on my PC or in any web browser, but I can't use it in the phone app.

There are issues with data syncing causing my app to not load the main menu, I received messages in my email confirming a successful login, but the main menu isn't showing. I keep getting a gray screen or a kicked to the login menu again.

I was using it normally and decided to log out for no reason and this happened
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Who Me Too'd this topic