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Podcasts cant be played on my Sonos devices - AGAIN






Samsung Galaxy A40

Operating System

Android 11, Windows 10


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Hi there,


In december my Sonos devices no longer recognized podcasts played from Spotify. When I've been connected to a sonos device via spotify connect and tried to play a podcast from Spotify, the device icon has been flashing but then nothing happened.

I already posted a thread in the community:

Spotifys solution was, that i delete my account and transfer it to a new one. As im the holder of a family account, thats not really practible. Now the same problem occurs AGAIN: When I try to select a device from my phone or desktop Spotify app while playing a podcast, nothing happens, almost like the app didn't even recognize the input.


  • I have uninstalled and logged out of Spotify on all of my devices.
  • I have unlinked and relinked the Spotify skill fromSonos
  • I have removed and reset all of my Sonos devices.
  • I have reset my network.
  • I've toggled allowing only local devices.
  • I've tried playing maybe 30 different podcasts in case my usual podcasts stopped being supported, but NONE of the podcasts would play.

Any solution?

Who Me Too'd this topic