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My Issue:

Your ads are dangerously loud. I get that you need to have ads to support the free version but the volume is CRIMINAL. You're going to damage someone's hearing. it's 2020 for crying out loud, don't tell me you can't control it. The freaking Charmin commercial is literally 1.5 times the current volume and hurts my head every time it comes on. I will never buy Charmin toilet paper just because of these damn ads, I've developed a hate for them not because they suck but because the ads hurt my ears. If my hearing is damaged SPOTIFY is going to be enjoying a very large class action LAWSUIT.







iPhone XS Max

6 Replies

Hi there @Keebs,

thanks for posting about this !


I would like to suggest you read a bit more about it and may even find a solution for it within this thread.


You'll be able to see a few comments by various users and comments by Spotify officials.


Hope this will help.

Let me know if there's anything else i kind provide you with 🙂

Hi @OneByBoo 

I appreciate the effort but to be honest, this isn't good enough. This isn’t my software it’s theirs. They are aware of this issue by now and frankly I resent having to even post about it. At best it’s laziness on Spotify’s part at worst it’s intentional and should be criminal. Regardless it’s dangerous and I’m getting freaking tired of my ears hurting. #suespotify

I sustained some hearing damage due to an ad that was much much louder than what the music was set to. I submitted a claim with the BBB regarding this. I am going to see if I can contact an attorney also since there is no warning in their terms of service.

I think Spotify ads are abusive of their customers and if someone starts a class action lawsuit, I would love to be a part of it

I’m so close to uninstall the app everywhere I got it. It can’t be that they didn’t manage to adjust the loudness of ads after 3 years (since your post until now)… 

It’s an indictment. 

I absolutely agree with your comments i too am seeking legal advice regarding the volume level of ads that suddenly cut in as i have suffered very painful levels and i`m sure their paying sponsors and advertisers will not want to be associated with this kind of activity .     

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