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Account Deactivated Without My Knowledg

Account Deactivated Without My Knowledg






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A few days ago I cleaned out my spotify app and was thus signed out of my account. I then updated to the latest version but had difficulties signing it. Attempted to log in and appearantly something was incorrect. Attempted to reset my password but it wouldn't send then it said my account is not active. I lastly tried to create a new account with the same email but my account already exists so it wouldn't let me. After downgrading to an older version I was able to create an account with another email but I still cannot access my old spotify account. I know this is a long one but please, I need help.


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Hi there @TempTia,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


If you have lost access to a certain account you have created, please make sure to follow the instructions provided on this support page.


Bear in mind that if needed to reach out to support, it might take them a bit more time to respond due to the current Covid-19 situation.


Thanks for your cooperation and patience 🙂

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