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Account Hacked






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 Account hacked. Foreign user using my spotify, can still log in via facebook. Password and Email has been changed and are not mine. this is theft and I'll have to end my sub if this is not resoved soon. 



Also please change how this form resets if you dont fill it out corectly (for example not having tags), this is my fourth time wrinting this. 


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Have you tried contacting to spotify support privately? In my opinion they would surely be the people to track down this thief. Alternatively, if there are no options left, you could simply delete your account and start a new one?

Hi there, 


Spotify is the expensive application to listen music tho the company has not managed to provide secured access to their Customers, seems they dont care as well. I read so many blocks about this issue.


I have same issue today and they simply reply that we have return your access to you. Ofcourse that was mine only.  They fail to answer why this happened.


I already have strong password and spotify should explain their customer about the issue.

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