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Account Hacked?

Account Hacked?

While I was on the bus on my way home, I took up spotify on my phone. While listening to some nice music the music suddenly stopped playing, I started it again and seconds later it stopped and randomly switched songs without me touching anything. The music stopped again and another song which was not in the playlist started playing, this time I paused the song but seconds later it started playing again. Then a popup window appeared and said that I was connected and listening through another unit, a Samsung Galaxy Tab of some sorts and I never linked my account to a Samsung before cause I never owned a Samsung device. I checked numerous times and, yes I was on my account. I shut down Spotify on my phone and brought it back up again and the other unit was gone but so were all my Playlists. Instead I had 2 other Playlists on my account with songs that I would never listen to. After that I decided to wait until I got home and look at it through my computer but the problem remained even there. Trying to just be chill about it I though "I listen to Spotifys own playlist more than my own so it's not a big deal." and I removed the two playlists and went on with my day. But the next day when i logged online one of the two playlists that wasn't mine was back saying it was created 2 days ago. I removed it again and restored some of my own playlists through but I expect that the problem with this Samsung device will remain, and this darn playlist will most likely come back once more.


How do I get rid of this connection with the Samsung and how can I stop this stupid playlist from coming back?



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Hello Tim! Sorry to hear you have been having problems with your account.  If you go to and click on your username in the corner of the scren, and then click the account button, it will bring you to your account settings.  On the sidebar of your account settings, there should be a page that is called "Offline devices".  Click here and it will bring you to all your devices linked to your account and you should be able to remove the Samsung device. After you have done this, I would recommend changing your password so this device can no longer access your account. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply!


I looked into it more and I found that my account was no longer connected to my email and the password didn't work either. I am quiet sure that my account indeed has been hacked.


About "Offline Devices", I managed to find that and removed 2 Android devices that was connected but I can't change password as the email is not mine anymore. I made a second post about this but sadly noone else have seen it.

If you link the second post here, I will gladly take a look and see if I can answer your question!

It's basicly what I just wrote, about that the email is not mine and that the password is different. Someone sent a link to an annonymus support but that support would only reply to the email that is now on my account.

Are you able to go in and change the email on the main page for your account settings (where you removed the samsung devices)?  If so, then you can send a forgot password link to your email and be able to access your account again.

I need the password to do that, already checked it out.

You will need to contact customer support here: . Good luck!

This happened to me the day after Christmas 2015. I reported it three times to Spotify's support and have yet to hear from them. I am disgusted at that especially since I pay money to them. After 6 months, I still haven't fully recreated my playlists and there are some items from the person who hacked my account that I cannot delete. I am amazed Spotify doesn't seem to care about security issues.

 The same things keep happening to me except I can't remove the playlist created by the hacker from my main feed and it's infurating. I have not gotten a straight answer from Spotify about this except that the playlist is still a part of spotify but not under my playslists and yet. it's under my name. 


how can I remove a playlist created by someone else. they also suggested hiding the playlist except it doesn't give me that feature, it just tells me to make it public.


I have changed my passwords, unlinked from facebook, removed all devices and signed out of all of them as well. what can i do??

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