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Account isn't searchable; shows error

Account isn't searchable; shows error

I recently made a free account to spam some of my playlists so they wouldn't clog up my premium account. However, my new account isn't searchable to myself nor any of my other friends. I tried following myself on my free account but when I go through my followers and click the profile, it just shows an error and tells me to reload. It's not my connection and none of my playlists are searchable either. I tried sending me and a friend the link to one of my playlists and it worked, but it still doesn't allow me to view my free profile through there nor any of the other playlists. I spent a lot of time setting up these playlists on my free account and I would love some advice on how to get it up and working. I've been using spotify for years and never have had this problem.

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Hey there @gardenghost1c,


Thank you for getting in touch with us. We will bring you back to your favorite music jams.


When an account is newly created, it takes some time till it shows up in our search but you should still be able to open it if you have the link to it.


We would suggest for you log out and in again to see if that makes any difference for you. Can you also try with different device to see if it works? 


If not, just send us the links to your accounts. We will investigate further. 


Let us know how it went. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Have a nice day!

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Thanks for reaching back out! My account is actually several weeks old, I've tried logging out and using different devices (two of my friends couldn't pull it up either) and nothing is working. I appreciate you taking the time to figure this out: my profile link is !

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