Account suspended because of malicious user actions, no answer from support

Account suspended because of malicious user actions, no answer from support


Hello, I'm posting here today because my Spotify account was suspended almost a month ago. I have contacted Spotify Support almost every day since the suspension but they are not giving me any answer.

So my last resort is now to post here, in the hope it will get noticed and that my voice will finally be heard and that this issue gets finally handled.

I'm detailing everything below. I won't be disclosing my profile name but please keep in mind that I had over 50k profile followers and more than 1 million cumulated followers across my playlists.

Abuse of playlist report process

It all started with playlist reports, about one week before my account was suspended.
I saw that multiple of my playlists were reported by someone.

As some of you may know, Spotify's current playlist reporting process is flawed. Anyone can report a playlist, even without a Spotify account, which removes the playlist's title, description & cover immediatly without any double check on Spotify's end. (An issue was opened two years ago and is still active as of today:

After multiple years on Spotify, I have been used to getting such reports.
I always took those reports very seriously, I always answered the report notifications I got from Spotify in order to make an appeal and get additional information on why my playlists were being reported.
At first, Spotify was answering back, and when they did, they always told me that those reports were false, meaning that someone simply abused Spotify's report process, and that I could upload back my content.

But this time it was different, I had no answers from Spotify, and the person reporting my playlists was apparently using a bot to report them each time I was bringing back my content.
I didn't stop uploading back my content, and I guess the persons reporting were not pleased with it, so they decided to escalate.

They found a way to report my whole account to Spotify, and I ended up receiving an email telling me that my account was suspended, I can't log into it anymore to update my playlists. However, that person continues to report my playlists, so my profile (which is still visible) is progressively being emptied but I can't do anything to fight back.

Who is behind this?

I made my researchs and I was able to identify one user that is currently profiting from this situation. I noticed that all playlists similar to mines were also removed from the platform. By checking each of my reported playlists's competitors, I was able to identify one profile which had all their playlist still live and currently profiting from a follower boost because there was no more competition.
That profile started being active a few days before I started receiving playlist reports.

I'm 100% sure that the profile I identified is behind the reports. Even today, I'm still receiving playlist reports, and when I check on their profile I see a copy of my playlist was just created. They couldn't make it more obvious.

Spotify Support not answering

Most of you will probably think that I should contact the support, and that's what I have been doing for a whole month. I contacted Spotify's Support almost every day since, through many channels.

I answered to the email I got from the account suspension & playlist reports, never got any answer.

I used the support chat countless times, each person I got from support told me that they weren't able to do anything account related and that they transfered my request to the team in charge that should answer me back within 24 hours. Guess what, from the dozens of times I was told this, I got 0 news from that team.

On Twitter, I contacted @SpotifyCares which are usually very responsive to every kind of requests. I mentionned them in tweets & direct message but never got an answer, I even tried asking them again every few days to be sure the message wasn't just missed, still no answers.

What should I do now?

So I'm here today, still unable to get my account back because someone easily abused Spotify's report process, and the support is not giving me a single opportunity for my voice to be heard.

I hope that by posting here, someone will be able to help me solve this situation, or even just redirect me to someone I could contact that may be able to look into the case.

Thank you for reading, and sorry for the long post.

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A similar thing has happened to me. I woke up to my account being disabled, customer service is literally no help. My band account on Spotify for artists is linked to that email so I have lost access to my artist profile as well. Please let me know if/how this issue gets resolved for you 


I'm bumping this topic, still no answer in this topic, nor from the chat support, email support, or @SpotifyCares on Twitter.

A single answer to give me even the slightest information regarding the issue would be very welcome, I have been waiting for more than 45 days now.


I learned that they suspended my account because they thought I was charging for playlist placement, which so wasn’t. I know the require proof for those reports so I have no idea why they won’t answer me in the chat


Thanks for the details, it might be the same situation for me. But I don't understand how can they take such a decision without even double-checking if it's real or not...


In my situation I discovered other playlisters in the metalcore scene got taken down too, turns out some guy who was sending us all submissions was charging bands and claiming guaranteed placement, yet I never received $1 from him. So I don’t know how my account would have been shown to have been collecting money from anyone. I emailed Spotify support offering to show my PayPal history, I also sent screen shots of messages from bands asking what I charge and me responding that I don’t charge money to be added. Guess that my supporting documents don’t matter 


It's been a month since I created this thread, still no answer from anyone at Spotify. Meanwhile, I continued to contact the support by chat, but still haven't gotten any answer from the support team in charge of account issues.


This whole issue has been ongoing for 2 months now.


My account has been suspended for 3 months now and still no answer from Spotify. How can Spotify be so bad at supporting their curators, it's a real shame.


The same thing is happening to me, I hope you get your acc back. You can go to the forum and have a specialist check your case but I did that and they said the couldn't provide any information of why my acc was suspended, it's sad... the service is horrible.


Hi Anemo, I would like to know if you solved your case.

Spotify isn't helping me either and it has been 3 months since the same thing happened to me.

Customers service sucks...


Hello, unfortunately my account is still suspended, I continue to contact the support every few weeks but still 0 news from the team in charge as of now, it has been 6 months.


8 months later, still not a single answer from the team in charge. I'm even doubting the existence of this team.

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