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All acount data has been deleted without any notification

All acount data has been deleted without any notification


Free (used to be Premium at the beginning of questionable times)


Serbia, previously Russia (seems to be the issue)



Ipad Pro 2020, Iphone 8

Operating System

iOS 15, Windows 10


My Question or Issue:

Greetings, I really hope there is a way to address it. I've been using Spotify since it's launch in my previous country (Russia), and collected a large amount of hand-crafted playlists over the years and months.

Then Spotify announced that it ceases to operate in Russia, but nothing was said about deleteing all accounts associated with the coutry. Since then I've moved to Serbia, and hoped to change country of my account to new one to get it working again -- instead I got a "new" empty account with the same e-mail, with everything gone. 


Now I understand and have no complaints about the decision Spotify made to stop operating within a country, I don't understand why I wasn't notified in the slightest that my premium (at the time) account will just be deleted. Is there a way to at least restore lists of songs and contents of playlists?


Any help is greatly appreciated, ready to provide additional details if needed.


(what's interesting, my account remained as a "Follower" in my friend's account, but if the link is pressed to see all followers -- there is empty space only.)




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Hey @aseagull ,


Thanks for coming to the Community.


Unfortunately, there's currently no way to recover your playlists/library, but you can start fresh and keep using the new account.


The followers count bug could be caused by the new account. You can keep using the recently-created account, but if you encounter any other issues with it, it'd be best if you close it and create a new one manually. Do keep in mind, though, that it can take 14-30 days for your email address to become available for use again. Within 7 days after closing an account, you can still recover it in case you change your mind. 🙂


Hope this helps!

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They just don't care at all. The maximum that they can do is to do corporate talk and apologize. When you are this big - you don't care about people or common sense, only money. They don't even admit that the "WE WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR DATA IN N DAYS" message would be an honest thing to do. 

Same here. Moved to Finland and hoped to continue using Spotify. But I can't forgive losing all my playlists, will use YouTube Music instead.

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