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Anyone else gotten their Account HACKED recently??

Anyone else gotten their Account HACKED recently??

Just happened to me 2 days a go, I kept having all my devices logged out and I couldn't get back in. a password reset later, it happened again the next day. I then found out that whoever stole my access connected it into their facebook and somehow managed to log all my devices out and took over with their facebook login. 


I think there's another security breach into Spotify (last ones were in dec 2017 and then early 2017) - I had an **bleep** connecting my spotify account into his facebook account, a Fernando Areco from Paraguay.


Anyhow, after I reset the password, this account is still attached to his FB with his name, found a way to disconnect his profile from spotify via desktop app BUT his picture and name is still showing as user everytime i use Spotify on any devices i have, absolutely ridiculous (shows how badly Spotify wants your FB account to populate the blank fields in their future advertising platform). 

I think Spotify is aware of this and probably they're going through a big clean up right now. Conveniently of course they're not letting any of us premium users know about this. 

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Hi @pc_coy, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community.

I’m sorry to hear you think someone else has gained access to your Spotify account. Please check out the FAQ page ”Someone else has gained access to my account” here for the next steps to take. I can assure you, Spotify has not been hacked and all your information is safe and sound. If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a shout! 🙂

Thanks, hope you're having a great day!

HuboSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I'm sorry but SPOTIFY MUST HAVE BEEN HACKED. There is no other explanation.

I also just experienced someone else logging on using my account today and adding two iphones (I only use Android so was for sure not me, and added today apparently)

Also I use completely separate login and password for Spotify compared to anything else and don't keep the details any other place than my head, so no way it has come from anywhere else... I'm also not a FB user so not connected there...


Thankfully I managed to reset my password and log out all devices before anything account wise was changed, so fingers crossed there will be no more unauthorized accesses to my Premium account. IF THIS KEEPS HAPPENING, I WILL NOT BE KEEPING UP / RENEWING MY SPOTIFY SUBSCRIPTION IF MY ACCOUNT DETAILS CAN NOT EVEN BE KEPT SAFE BY THE PROVIDER...

Thanks for the reply but I have to agree with PYG77 below, there was no way
that this person could/would've gained access to my spotify account from
anywhere else, it's more likely that info to my spotify login was leaked
somewhere. My creds aren't the same with FB after all.
​I can't seem to remove the profile pic+name of the account thief via
resources in that FAQ link though.

I honestly think you are right about Spotify being hacked. I hadn't used Spotify in a few weeks and when I just got back to it, I noticed some playlists missing amd my Daily Mix/New Release playlists all **bleep** up(having songs I wouldn't even think about listening to). I noticed some created/deleted playlists that weren't mine dating back to the beginning of March.


When I went to my family plan member list, sure enough, two people who I had no clue who they were, had piggy backed onto my family account. I immediately changed my password and logged out everywhere, along with dumping those two extra people off my account. Luckily, they hadn't bothered to change any critical details of my account like email and such.


Now my question is, how did they get access to my account to begin with, since I use a unique password for Spotify, not used anywhere else? IMO, Spotify was hacked in some way and either this resulted from the breach in December(which I didn;t know about) or they don't realize another breach happened or they do realize it and are keeping quiet.


Something isn't right.

Hey folks! Thanks for posting here in the Community!

I can assure you all your data at Spotify is safe and sound. I strongly recommend following the steps from this article on what to do when you think someone else gained access to your account. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! 🙂


Have a great day!

HuboSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Hi! It's been a month since this posts but today I went to my Spotify and the exact thing happened to me. I have my account connected to my Facebook, and I checked and my Facebook hasn't been logged in from any device I don't know. My playlist were deleted,, new ones created and music I'd never listen to was also in the recently played section. And this is obviously happening from a Spanish speaking country (or listens to music in spanish, I guess) , and I'm in **bleep**ing Scotland. 



My issue is similar, but here's the data I've collected. I understand if you find this hilarious though. My friends laughed too.


I should mention this has been happening for a month or so and I'm more than a little upset at this point having tried everything. Like EVERYTHING, including waiting for the intruder, queuing 20 songs of the absolute loudest dubstep I could find, and skipping to all the loudest parts in quick succession while maxing out the volume on their device. This either results in me getting logged out, or fighting over who gets to play my music for like 20 minutes. Oh, and different devices will pop in and out during the fight.


I have been checking the model numbers of the phones gaining access in my "devices available" feature. So far they have been models most popular in South America. Specifically, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. Additionally, none of them have been Apple models, in case that matters. Maybe the hack is Android sideloader based.


Anyhow, this would make explain why the "Favoritos" or "Favorites" by Spotify playlist keeps popping up in my "Recently Played" section. That playlist is filled with Latin music, which I happen to enjoy by the way, so I was confused if I had listened to it or not. Very suspiciously though, that playlist has 0 (zero) followers, meaning someone either has a weird link to it, or they're going out of their way AFTER hacking into my account just to search up that specific playlist, which is NOT the first on the search list, and then play only that.


Other obsessions include Maxwell's Silver Hammer and occasionally Christian Rock. 


They're beginning to influence my "just for you" things like Discover Weekly and that bothers me more because that means it's not just when I'm on Spotify. I thought maybe they were sidestepping some sort of OAuth token thing coming from Facebook while I was online (not sure if that's even possible but it's a guess), yet it still happened while I was logged out as the breadcrumbs would lead me to believe.


The latest development is that my subscription, which renews in like 2 days, has been switched to Spotify Family, which is INFURIATING because now my student discount won't come back!! 


I followed all recommendations. Email password changed. Changed Facebook password. Logged out of all Facebook-connected devices. Ended all Spotify sessions. Got rid of all the connected apps. I changed everything I could change.


But here's the kicker: My Spotify account was made with my Facebook profile. So the next step is to make a new account and switch over all my things, right?

Well, I'm studying abroad in South Korea this semester! So attempting to make a new account only gets me a "sorry but Spotify isn't available in your country" response....


Facebook login works fine. Creating a new account on its own isn't possible for me.


I'm at my wits end. Everything only works offline now. I have tried giving my tablet, phone, and computer offline privileges to max out the number of devices. Then I control them all together. But once some hacker pops in, I try fight over who gets to play music, and all 3 of my devices are signed out at the same time.


Please, please. For the love of all that is good, just let me listen to my gosh dang Indie K-Pop in peace. 


Someone please respond!

Huib, why do u need to sound like a broken record? Do you have proof as to why you think our accounts weren't hacked? On the other hand, it's obvious that this is happening very often. 


It's a fact that Spotify was hacked twice in the last 2 years. It could've been that the our batch data's have only been posted up somewhere online recently. 

There's an option to disconnect from facebook account, tho only available
via Spotify desktop.

>From there, u might wanna do the "log out all devices" and then do the
password change once more. Keep an eye out for ur family account too.

Lastly regarding being in korea, u could do VPN/proxy to trick the app into
thinking ure back at Ur home country.

Hey, I did that thing and checked this morning and my phone was my only device. I checked now (dinner time in Europe) and a new phone available in Latin America has been logged. 


Thank you for the reply!


On disconnecting: Unfortunately, my Spotify account was created using my Facebook profile. There is no way for me to disconnect it from Facebook. I have to make a new account with its own username and password that aren't Facebook credentials.


On a VPN/proxy: That's an excellent idea! I shall attempt that soon. I'm unsure why I never considered that. I think one of my computers back home is running something I could use.


Thanks again!

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