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App keeps logging me out

App keeps logging me out







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Android 8.0.0


I started listening this afternoon and about 10 mins later, the app stopped playing music. It kicked me out and asked me to log back in. I tried and it said that my password was incorrect. I rest my password, logged back in and once again, about 10 mins later, the app stopped and kicked me out. I once again reset my password after it stated that the password I JUST created was incorrect. After the reset, it let me back in and yet again, i was kicked out and told my password was incorrect upon attempting to log back in. Im at my wits end here. I restarted the phone, logged into the web interface and booted all devices off that could access the settings. Started the app and yep, was kicked out shortly after. Anyone have any idea whats going on here?


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Same here, see the other threads...something is going on, where's Spotify?

Your account was compromised, Spotify won't acknowledge the issue -

I googled for my username and nothing came up, found a number of pastebins, do you still have that pastebin? Do you see my username in there?

Even if one was compromised, after signing out from everywhere and resetting their password, one would think they should be fine, unless the unusual activity detection kicks in and keeps on resetting our passwords...

Still awaiting a response from spotify...

As mentioned earlier, not sure how im compromised if I changed my password 4 times within 10 minutes and yet it keeps occuring. It would seem that its a problem on spotify's end.

Maybe that's how one gain access to the account, imagine that the automated password reset is not a random password...or that there's a breach somewhere.


So far I haven't logged into anywhere and no password reset emails yet...hmm

I just worked out for 45 mins without being kicked out of my its possible that spotify took notice and corrected the issue (if there was one). If so, thanks spotify. Thus far, no crashes in the last hr or so. I'll update if that changes.

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