Billing date


Billing date

My original billing date for my premium account was for the 13th of this month. When looking into upgrading to the family plan I had read multiple pages saying I will not be charged until the time that I have already payed for was up. However upon upgrading the billing date changed to the 10th of this month (today). Unfortunately I don't get paid until the 12th (tuesday). Is there some way my billing date can be returned to the 13th (or even the 12th) so my account is not overdrawn?
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That's definitely interesting. My guess is that there may have been remaining days on two or more accounts and it separated them equally among the accounts, which changed the billing date. I'll check with the team to see what exactly happened. 


The only way to change your billing date would be to cancel your current subscription, then subscribe on the day that you would like to be billed each month.

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